23rd July 2016

Hi Adele, Our sincere thanks for the amazing job you did on Pips hair on Saturday. We so appreciated all the time and effort you went to (and your husband) to give her the look she was after. You are amazing. It was so lovely to deal with someone as passionate, kind, patient and talented as you are.

Regards Deborah and Roger



Wedding 20 Feb 2016.

Hi Adele,

Thank you so much for your awesome work on Saturday - there was much positive feedback about my hair and makeup. We had a fabulous day - beyond our expectations! Everyone on the mountain are so professional and helpful and made our weekend!

Cheers Prue


Wedding 3rd August 2015

Adele and Amber

What wonderful professionals you are and what lovely people. You gave us a great start to a perfect day last Monday.

The bride looked sensational and Sarah and I kept the great looks you created. A beautiful marriage. Perfect. Just as the couple envisaged.

You got us off to a good start (something in that tea?) and all was happy and fun from there on.

Thank you and all the best for you both and your future endeavours. Dinner Plain people are so lucky to have you.

Love Jan Moore


Jan 2016 -

As a new client to Myabi Hair my experience was 'Wow' I felt nurtured and very special. Thanks Adele

Dec 2015 -

In comparison to other salons I have used in the past, Myabi is a one of a kind experience.  The team at Myabi is highly sensitive to my individuality and promote “Aveda” an exceptional product line.  From the moment I walk in the door, I know I have come to an oasis offering one on one attention and a posh pick-me-up that is beneficial to my health and wellbeing.  For me, Myabi stands for impeccable service and an experience that is “a cut above “the rest.
Myabi took the time to get to know me so I was able to find an easy hair style and learnt how to maintain healthy hair and skin.  But, even more importantly, I feel confident when I look good and that is how Myabi makes me feel.  Their expertise with colour detail, style, and product knowledge makes Myabi my choice.  I can recommend Myabi to any of my close friends knowing they will not be disappointed. Bec
Bec Asman - Mountain Maid Station, Omeo, Victoria

Nov 2015 -

I have had too many bad experiences with hairdressers and I have finally found Adele at Myabi who really does reach my expectations and does what 'I want' with my hair. It is also a great experience to go there and in fact enjoyable as it should be. Pam.am Elliot Wy Yung, Victoria.

Sept 2015 - From the sensory journey to my amazing foils, shampoo, cutting and styling. Always a wonderful relaxing experience. Thanks to the professional staff and their care. Heather Kewish - Cobungra, Victoria

Oct 2016 -

I have been a fan of Aveda for 16 years and, in this time, I have discovered not all salon experiences are equal. I am very fussy about my hair and never appreciate being just another head to put the same haircut on. That is why I come to Adele at Myabi.
The use of Aveda natural hair care products, colour, skincare and the divine tea mixed with the technical skill, massage bliss and the listening ear Adele offers is a marriage made in heaven.
I always know Adele will decipher what it is I am asking for and she never disappoints. I travel 2 ½ hours to reach Dinner Plain for the perfection that is Myabi, Adele and Aveda. My hair will accept nothing less.
Helen Hurle, Bairnsdale, Victoria.

Aug 2016 -

I come to Adele at Myabi at Dinner Plain for the experience, the positivity and the natural organic products of Aveda. Not only is my hair cut beautifully and to perfection but I am spoilt with a massage and sensory journey. I leave relaxed and invigorated. - Glenys Donovan, Khancoban Park, Benambra.

I am extremely sensitive to many cosmetics and hair products, yet since I have found Aveda and Myabi, I am thrilled to be able to maintain my hair style and lustrous colour with Aveda's beautiful after care shampoo and conditioner. They actual enhance my colour, extending its shine and depth until my next visit 6 weeks later. What more could I ask for? Oh and the way I feel when I bounce out of the salon... absolutely fantastic. -Bec Asman.Louise Bright, Victoria.

I love going to Myabi, the sensory journey is my favourite, soothing and relaxing after a long week working away from home. The exceptional service, the way Adele loves my hair, the way Adele know what's best, nurturing treatment for my kind of hair. Thanks Adele. - Christa.Christa - Omeo, Victoria.

I wouldn't trust any other hairdresser, I completely trust Adele and her amazing skills, her perfectionism and attention to detail. My blonde foils are natural and so close to the scalp you would think I was a natural blonde (well I used to be). My hair always feels and looks superb and that's with Aveda's beautiful enlightening creme, no damage at all just a pure clear blonde. I absolutely despise thick stripes through my hair. This is why Myabi never fails to perfect my colour and during all of this I receive a relaxing hand massage, I sip on their organic licorice and peppermint tea to wash my stress into oblivion and catch up on the latest fashion tips. I would drive to the end of the earth for Adele... - Jennifer Onslow, Victoria.

Loyal since 2006 - I come to Myabi because, I enjoy the 1 hour drive from Swifts creek, It's nice and relaxing, I get sms appointment reminders which is wonderful as my memory is terrible, I like the beautiful fresh alpine environment, I love my hair colour and my hair is never dry or damaged after my colour treatment, I enjoy Adele's company, our interesting chats and Boris (the salon dachshund) sitting on my lap, I can choose from a wide selection of Aveda products and gifts as I need them and it is comforting to know that they are all environmentally friendly. Suzanne Fitzpatrick. Sususan Fitzpatrick, Swifts Creek, Victoria.